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Meet Our Team

Melissa Del Giudice

Founder & 500 Hr Certified Yoga Instructo

Overcoming addiction 12+ years ago, Melissa strives to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle. Melissa is certified in over 500 hours of yoga training, as well as specialty areas like children’s yoga and mindfulness.

Having 10 years experience in the corporate world, two years of studying psychology, Melissa knew she needed a career that would change people’s lives. Practicing yoga for almost a decade, in 2014 she took a leap of faith and decided to embark on the journey of becoming a certified 200-HR yoga instructor. Working in various studio’s across the island, Melissa knew there had to be a better way to reach others with this gift, thus Yoga for Health Long Island was born.

Melissa is known for her gentle ways of making others feel extremely comfortable and eager to learn. Her goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment, while facilitating all aspects of health and wellness progression. ​Melissa is determined to bring mental & physical wellness to communities all across Long Island.

Linda Varady-Berman

Ayurvedic Nutritional Specialist

Linda has a multi-faceted approach to wellness. As a Ayurvedic practitioner, Linda is passionate about food being thy medicine and strives to teach others how to be an advocate of their own health.

She is currently offering Ayurvedic Food & Nutritional consultations to provide our clients with a deeper understanding of food and body relationship.

Her expertise does not end there, she is a 200-HR certified yoga instructor, Reiki master and specialty massage therapist. Linda also possess many more unique qualifications to give her a deeper understanding of what true health means.
Tying in herbal knowledge, mindfulness and appreciation for ones body, Linda helps everyone to progress further in their mental & physical wellness journeys.

Amy Toscano

Yoga Instructor

​Amy was introduced to yoga during her years in College studying photography. After receiving her BFA in Photography, Yoga became a huge healing aide while going through an emotionally challenging chapter in her life.

Having a desire to spread the benefits of Yoga to others, she studied and received her RYT-200 at A Jewel In The Lotus in Islip, NY in June 2016. During her off weekends while training, she received her Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3 Certification.

Teaching Yoga has really changed and opened up her life. She is always eager to learn and considers herself a lifelong Yoga Practitioner.

Danielle Schwenker

Art & Yoga Instructor

Danielle has had an affinity for art since she was a toddler and has carried this passion through her life where she is currently in the works of creating a funky furniture business where she refurbishes and repurposes various types of furniture that become her canvas as she adorns them with geometric and whimsical designs.

In addition to creating, Danielle is a RYT-200 and currently teaches at Ohm on the Water in Patchogue and is also a nanny. She is passionate about all things art, nature, yoga, nutrition and holistic living related and is always seeking to infuse these passions into her daily interactions as well as further her knowledge and expertise in these areas so she can enhance her understanding of these sciences and educate others with confidence. In a world of unpredictability, Danielle believes these facets of wellness, when put into practice and used together, have a transformative power that can ground you and help you maintain your center when life gets crazy and you feel that your cool is becoming compromised.

Geena Waddle

Art Director/ Lead Yoga Instructor

Geena Waddle practices teaching yoga with her heart to a wide variety of groups ranging from children to adults. With a background in primarily Dharma yoga she has learned to love incorporating divine play in her classes – it is not unusual to share a giggle or two! She believes we were born perfect and wants to help people strip away their ego and step into their unique authentic power. Her class will leave your mind feeling lighter with a burst of self confidence.

As an art teacher Geena encourages self exploration through visual representation. She received her degree in Anthropology & Studio Art from Stony Brook University where she TAed for multiple art classes gaining invaluable experience to help her share the process of creation with others. Her personal favorite medium is clay because it feeds the scientist in her as the process requires ample understanding of chemistry and physics, meanwhile satisfying the child in her as she gets her hands muddy.

Brianna Lee

Yoga Instructor

Certified 200 hour Yoga Instructor Brianna, is a genuine, caring and down to earth person. She is passionate about using her experiences through life, and through yoga, to help people connect, and move through life’s challenges gracefully.

Growing up, she had always dreamed of finding a career that would not only help people thrive, it would make a positive impact on their lives for years to come.

Blossoming into the strong woman she is today, Brianna strives to open people’s minds and hearts through offering her yoga and life experience knowledge- on and off the mat. Her main goal is to guide other’s on the path to a balanced-happy mind, body, and spirit.

Debbie Smith

Outreach Manager

Debbie is born and raised a Long Island girl.  She spent the early years of her career in the corporate world, while raising her daughter.  The search for a more meaningful purpose led her to utilize her marketing, fundraising, organizational and coordinating skills in a not-for-profit venue when her child was beginning her teenage years.  Re-marrying, relocating and sending her daughter off to college all happened within a six month span in 2009.  Life changed and Debbie changed right along with it.  There were many peaks and valleys over the next ten years, much soul searching and wanting to find the source of purpose. But she didn’t really know what she was seeking.  A new position brought her in contact with a certain co-worker who simply would not take no for an answer about joining the Employee Wellness Yoga Program offered by Yoga for Health Long Island.  January 2019 opened a whole new world and began Debbie’s mind, body and soul transformation.  Now, She considers herself the “poster child” for the amazing benefits yoga and mindfulness can bring into a person’s life and she is on track to become a 200-hour certified yoga practitioner.  Debbie also holds a Reiki Master/Teacher certification.  Taking on the Outreach Manager position at Yoga for Health Long Island is a very natural transition in Debbie’s life because she cannot stop sharing the joy of her transformation and the beauty of her newly found inner peace.  

Lorriane Hayden

Yoga Instructor

Lorraine Hayden, 200hr-RYT, has been an avid student of yoga & meditation for more than 15 years and became certified in Vinyasa Yoga by the Always At Aum Yoga school in 2016. Prior to becoming a Yoga teacher, Lorraine was a classroom teacher of elementary, middle school and high school special education.  In working towards her 300-hr. yoga teacher training, Lorraine went on to study Ashtanga-Primary Series, Hot Yoga, Restorative Yoga, advanced pranayama, Kids Yoga and Special Needs Yoga. She is also a Reiki Master practitioner. Lorraine’s yoga instruction supports the unlimited potential of all. She encourages her students to become body aware, to establish relationship with their breathe, and to develop a compassionate and joyful attitude towards themselves, and the world around them, supporting social emotional growth for all. 

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