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Becoming Mindful can have both Mental & Physical Benefits

Whether you are beginner or advanced in your meditation practice, all are welcome.

Sound Therapy is another form of meditation that can help you to find mental clarity and inner peace. It teaches you to tune-in and listen. To become mindful.

Anyone can learn!

We will bring you through basic meditation techniques through a soothing guided practice. You don’t need to do a thing but sit back, relax and enjoy.

Available as a separate class, or as part of our Wellness Package.
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Available Classes

All levels of experience are welcome

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Our mind is constantly on the go, which causes strain and mental anxiety. Meditation can give you the skills you need to cope with stress, highly reactive situations, and the pressure of time management. This session promotes mindfulness through breathing and relaxation, as well as balancing the nervous system.

Creating New Life Meditation

This meditation class will focus on aligning the body’s energy through learning about the 7 chakra points along the spine. You will learn what areas may be imbalanced and how to focus on opening that area for overall wellness. We cultivate the individual’s best self through tuning in.

Sound Therapy

A beautiful guided mediation with a Tibetan singing bowl. Rest the mind to reach the innate and find ways to manifest your desired outcomes.

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