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Healthy Living Workshops

Knowledge gives you the Power to change

Whether you would like to focus on learning about optimal health through nutrition, or creating the
​ ultimate vision for your life.

​ We can provide the subject you are most interested in learning about in small or large formats. ​​

We are dedicated to helping the community find their soul’s purpose through quiet contemplation and focused goals. With proper guidance and consistent practice, you have the opportunity to change habits and
​create a new way of life.

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Available In-Home Workshops

Multiple levels and techniques to ensure your best yoga experience.

Yoga Philosophy

This three part series class is an introduction into what yoga means, and how we can apply it’s philosophy to our everyday life, not just on our mat.

Plant-Based Diet 101

It is estimated that 3.7 million Americans have changed over to a plant-based diet! This two part series guides you into shifting your routines to healthy, plant-based options with comfort and ease.

Nature's Remedies

Modern Medicine has only a 100 year history, while nature has been helping people from the beginning of time. This four part series will focus on particular aliments and supply tools for optimal health.
We will discuss different ways to relieve dis-ease through plants, wholefoods, and healthy teas- many of which have rich history with little to no known side effects.

Vision Board

Learn how to manifest your dreams into reality. Create a vision board using ideas cut out of magazines and other items to encourage the manifestation of personal & professional goals. Each participant will be take their vision board home. Book with a group of friends!

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